ACAMAR Management Group

Implementation of programs and funding within ACAMAR will be carried out by the ACAMAR Management Group (AMG). 

The ACAMAR Management Group met in Beijing.
The ACAMAR Management Group in Beijing. Credit: ACAMAR.
ACAMAR Management Group meeting. Credit: ACAMAR.

The AMG is responsible for:

  1. identifying, maintaining, reviewing and removing activities from the list of active ACAMAR programs;
  2. establishing ACAMAR policies to oversee and manage such activities;
  3. resolving internal disputes within ACAMAR programs;
  4. supporting the ACAMAR Directors in the identification of funding to support ACAMAR programs;
  5. coordinating ACAMAR activities within the context of existing Australian and China astronomy programs.

The AMG membership includes: two Directors, two Australian astronomers, appointed by the Australian Director, two Chinese astronomers, appointed by the Chinese Director. Current members of the AMG:

  • Lifan Wang, Co-Chair (PMO/TAMU)
  • Lister Staveley-Smith, Co-Chair (UWA/ICRAR)
  • Ji Yang (PMO)
  • Di Li (NAOC)
  • Bo Qin (NAOC)
  • Elaine Sadler (CSIRO)
  • Michael Ashley (UNSW)
  • Kate Barnard (AAL)