About Us

Acamar (θ Eridani) is a bright naked-eye star visible from both Australia and China. On the 25th August 2012, at the IAU General Assembly in Beijing, Astronomy Australia Ltd (AAL) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Division of Basic Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences regarding Antarctic Astronomy.

ACAMAR foundation signing ceremony in China, 2015. Credit: ACAMAR.

In February 2013 AAL hosted a delegation of senior Chinese astronomers representing the Chinese Academy of Sciences. During that visit the Department of Industry signed a MoU with the Chinese Academy of Sciences covering a broad range of astronomical collaboration. ACAMAR was officially launched in Beijing on Saturday 12th September 2015 as the mechanism to oversee that collaboration. AAL provides the secretariat for ACAMAR.

ACAMAR aims to:

  • build upon existing arrangements
  • maximise the scientific return on investment in astronomy infrastructure
  • develop human capital in the field of astronomy
  • enhance our common scientific understanding of the Universe.

ACAMAR is also supported by the following organisations:

Australian Government - Department of Industries, Science, Energy and resources
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Astronomy Australia Ltd