The Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) is the largest optical telescope in Australia, located at Siding Spring Observatory in NSW. At 3.9m, it has an excellent instrumentation suite that has kept it globally competitive amongst 4m-class telescopes. Funded by a consortium of thirteen Australian universities, it is governed by the AAT Council and operated on site by ANU. AAL acts as a manager for telescope operations on behalf of the AAT Consortium.

AAT Access

Access to the AAT is now available through Open Time or Paid Time schemes. Australian proposals may seek either Open Time or Paid Time on the AAT. A proposal is Australian if at least half of the proposers and the lead proposer are based at Australian institutions. Paid Time is available to both Australian and non-Australian proposals. Non-Australian proposals can only access Paid Time.

Enquiries regarding the terms and conditions for AAT Paid Time can be made to the AAL office via: [email protected]

For more information about the AAT

For more about the AAT, such as telescope capabilities, observing and operational matters, please see the ANU’s AAT webpage.

AAT Governance

See here for more information about AAT Council and Committees