ACAMAR8 Posters and Videos

People’s Choice Poster Award

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Author: Deepak Chahal
Institution: Macquarie University
Title of Poster: BY Draconis variable star catalogue & LAMOST Chromospheric activity indices (video link)

Author: Liang Dong
Institution: YunNan Astronomy Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Title of Poster: A new antenna for HF-VHF array (video link)

Author: Zhifu Gao
Institution: Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Title of Poster: Investigation of spin-down, magnetic field and thermal evolutions of magnetars

Author: Maokai Hu
Institution: Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Title of Poster: The Survey Strategies of WFST for Type Ia Supernovae

Author: Wenkai Hu
Institution: Chinese Academy of Sciences / LAM – Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille
Title of Poster: HI absorption blind survey in CRAFTS at 1300- 1450MHz

Author: Aoxiang Jiang
Institution: University of Science and Technology of China
Title of Poster: The effects of peculiar velocities on the morphological properties of large-scale structure

Author: Emily Kerrison
Institution: University of Sydney / CSIRO Space & Astronomy
Title of Poster: Bayesian Radio SED fitting in the era of Big Data (video link)

Author: Zongnan Li
Institution: National Astronomical Observatory of China
Title of Poster: CAHA/PPAK Integral-field Spectroscopic Observations of M81 (video link)

Author: Hong-Bo Li
Institution: Peking University
Title of Poster: Oscillation Modes and Gravitational Waves from Strangeon Stars

Author: Manasvee Saraf
Institution: ICRAR / UWA / CSIRO
Title of Poster: HI Absorption Associated to Norma’s Brightest Cluster Galaxy (video link)

Author: Renzhi Su
Institution: Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS / CSIRO Space and Astronomy
Title of Poster: The biconical modest-jet-driven neutral hydrogen outflows in the ultra-luminous infrared galaxy IRAS 10565+2448

Author: Veronica Vazquez-Aceves
Institution: Institute of Applied Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Title of Poster: One XMRI to find SgrA*’s spin and mass

Author: Yang Wang
Institution: Peng Cheng Laboratory
Title of Poster: A stochastic model to reproduce the star formation history of individual galaxies in hydrodynamic simulations

Author: Linqing Wen
Institution: University of Western Australia
Title of Poster: Gravitational Wave Astronomy Group @UWA Physics

Author: Matthew Wilkinson
Institution: University of Western Australia / ICRAR
Title of Poster: Collisional Relaxation Affects the Morphologies and Kinematics of Simulated Galaxies