Information for Host Institutions

This call for a third round of the ACAMAR Visiting Fellowship scheme follows two successful rounds in 2020-21 and 2022-23. It will enable distinguished Chinese researchers to make extended visits to Australia in 2024 and enhance collaborations on areas of common interest within astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to visit Australia for up to three months and are encouraged to visit multiple institutions. ACAMAR will offer the successful applicants financial support for travel and living expenses of up to $15k per applicant. Co-investment from the host institution is highly valued.

Host Institution Responsibilities

It is expected that the Host Institution will benefit from the visit by providing opportunities for host institution staff to interact and collaborate with senior Chinese researchers.

During application process

Host institutions are responsible for assisting the Visiting Fellow to apply for the Fellowship including:

  • Work with the applicant to put together a compelling research proposal and appropriate budget.
  • Provide the applicant with a letter of support to include with their application.

If the applicant is successful, the Host Institution will then have responsibility for administering Fellowship funds and supporting the Fellow before, during, and after the visit:

Before the visit
  • Sign a letter of agreement between the Host Institution and AAL which outlines each parties’ roles and responsibilities, and funding provided for the Fellowship.
  • Assist the Fellow with meeting any necessary visa and related requirements to undertake the ACAMAR Fellowship. This is likely to include an invitation letter from the Host Institution and a Visiting Appointment at the Host Institution.
  • Provide information and support for the Fellow regarding accommodation and living arrangements in Australia.
  • Ensure compliance with Host Institution’s policies to minimise foreign interference risks to teaching, research, engagement, operations and other activities (also applies during and after the visit).
During the visit
  • Provide facilities and resources to undertake the Fellowship, including providing a suitable workspace.
  • Ensure relevant inductions, training, and introductions are provided.
  • Ensure the Fellow complies with the Host Institution’s administrative procedures.
  • Reimbursement
    • Advise the Fellow of the Host Institutions’ processes for reimbursement
    • Reimburse the Fellow for expenses incurred as noted in the Letter of Agreement, including obtaining documentation (e.g. receipts) from the Fellow to demonstrate that the funds have been spent for the purpose awarded.
    • Ensure Fellows are reimbursed in a timely manner.
  • Support the Fellow to carry out research as described in their application.
  • Maintain communications with AAL including alerting AAL to any issues that arise, and any successes or notable stories to share.
After the visit
  • Provide input into the post-visit Fellowship report (authored by the Visiting Fellow).
  • Share your experience with colleagues in China and Australia if you wish, for example through conference presentations.
How to apply

Applications are completed by Chinese researchers and must include a letter of support from the proposed Host Institution in Australia.

Applications should be emailed to: [email protected] and include the following documents:

  1. ACAMAR Visiting Fellowship Application Form – download here.
  2. Proposed budget – please use this template.
  3. Applicant CV
  4. Letter of support from the proposed Host Institution in Australia.

Applications close at 11pm AEST on Wednesday 10 April 2024.

For more information

Please see the ACAMAR Visiting Fellowships webpage or contact ACAMAR secretariat in Australia or China with any questions:


Any enquiries regarding ACAMAR Visiting Fellowship should be directed to:

Kate Barnard, Secretariat, ACAMAR 
[email protected]