SKA PhD Scholarship Scheme

ACAMAR and CAASTRO are delighted to offer China SKA PhD scholarships and PhD travel scholarships to selected Australian universities and research institutes. These scholarships, of which up to 20 per year are available, are funded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and managed by the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. There will be two rounds per year, although only one round for the full 4-yr scholarships. This scheme is open to students of Chinese nationality up to 35 years old.


PhD Scholarship applications are now closed.


Notional PhD Project List

Terms and conditions in Chinese (unofficial English translation here)


This scholarship round will fund visits of up to 2 years to Australian universities and research institutes (including CSIRO). The PhD student is required to be enrolled in China at one of: the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Nanjing University or the University of Science and Technology of China at Hefei. The student may also enrol at a suitable host University in Australia (which requires a prior bilateral agreement to be in place). The CSC will provide a AUD$20,700 pa living allowance for up to 2 years in Australia and return travel. For jointly-enrolled students ONLY, the hosting university in Australia will provide:

  • a tuition fee waiver
  • an annual top-up of around AUD$5,000,
  • Overseas Health Cover contribution*
  • funding for meetings and conferences

All PhD projects will be related to SKA radio astronomy.

* Overseas Health Cover contribution will be available at all participating institutions except Curtin University.

The deadline is September 25.  Announcements will be made by the end of the year and successful applicants will be expected to begin in 2018. Applicants for a joint PhD will need to pass the eligibility requirements (including IELTS) of the host university.

ACAMAR/CAASTRO will act as a coordinating agent in Australia. NAOC will manage the PhD Scholarship in China.


Current and future deadlines are:


25 September 2017 (this round): 2+2-yr joint PhD scholarships, 2-yr travel scholarships

10 February 2018: 4-yr PhD scholarships (including students previously from any Chinese university), 2+2-yr joint PhD scholarships, 2-yr travel scholarships

Contact details:

Australian coordinator (CAASTRO): Kate Gunn,

Chinese coordinator (NAOC): Ling-Mei Cheng,


ACAMAR is also supported by the following organisations:

  • Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
  • Astronomy Australia Limited